Top 4 Ways to Deal With Slab Leaks on Your Property

Top 4 Ways to Deal With Slab Leaks on Your Property

Slab leaks are never easy to tackle and can be challenging to repair once they develop. The leaks can quickly start to form when the soil becomes unstable under the building, leading to cracks in the pipes under the slab. It isn’t uncommon for this to happen, thanks to the flooding that happens in Florida. If you discover a slab leak that has developed, there are a few main ways to deal with it to ensure the damage is repaired.

1. Reroute the Pipes

While working with a company like Leak1 Miami, the professionals may recommend rerouting the pipes above ground to avoid digging or damaging your floors. This is an ideal solution if the issue is only affecting a small portion of the pipes to make it a quick and more affordable repair. A plumber can decide where to install the new pipes, which may include the closets and attic. Adding new crown molding can also hide the pipes and prevent them from standing out.

2. Tunnel Under the House

The least invasive way of fixing a slab leak is to dig a tunnel under the house to determine where the leak is located. You’ll then need to locate the closest wall and dig three feet deep before tunneling horizontally. This type of work needs to be performed by an excavation crew and won’t require using heavy equipment.

This is the best option when you need to replace a larger portion of the pipe while preventing further damage to the inside of the home.

3. Pass Through an Old Line

A pass-through is another option that is similar to rerouting the pipes and allows a new line that is smaller to run through the original copper line. It uses the old line as a sleeve once it’s in place. This is a great method of reducing the diameter of the old line. A professional that is knowledgeable about plumbing code will be capable of determining if this is the best option.

4. Jack-Hammer the Slab

One of the most common methods of dealing with a slab leak is to jack-hammer the slab, which will allow you to quickly pinpoint where the leak is present. Tracing equipment and listening equipment are needed to trace the copper while also using infrared thermometers. The slab is then jack-hammered to ensure the pipe can be accessed and the necessary repairs can be made. Although this is a quick method of fixing the issue, it will also require replacing the flooring material.

If you want to learn more about how to fix a slab leak while working with a professional, we encourage you to reach out to our team to talk to our experts. We can provide you with more information and visit your property if you discover a slab leak that needs to be repaired.

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