Water Leak Detection Saves Resources and Protects Health

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Water Leak Detection Saves Resources and Protects Health

Leak detection services are vital for conserving resources and protecting your health. While higher water pressure levels will keep bacteria from entering the pipes, bacteria will enter when the water pressure drops in areas of the pipe that contain cracks. When bacteria enter through cracks in the pipes, the water becomes contaminated, and this can cause illness.

The year-round heat and humidity in Miami can also combine with water leaks to create dangerous mold growth in your home. If water leaks are allowed to continue for prolonged periods of time, flooding can result, and properties can become damaged. Not to mention, water leaks cause a significant increase in utility bills. Leak detection services are essential for finding leaks quickly so that necessary repairs can be made.

How Do Leak Detection Services Work?

Leak detection services consist of a wide array of technology that plumbers use to pinpoint the location of leaks in pipelines. The process begins with the plumber determining how much water is being lost to leaks. One piece of technology that is commonly used when detecting leaks is an acoustic water leak detector. The placement of the acoustic water leak detector will depend on how your municipal water system is structured.

Once a noise that indicates a leak is detected, the tool will send the sound back to the system to be deciphered. Once the system provides a reading, water service professionals will be able to determine how much water is being lost and what steps must be taken next to remedy the issue. Deciphering the data output by the system either requires advanced software or a technician who is trained in acoustical water auditing.

Leak Detection Services: A Major Timesaver

Sure, a leak detection service carries some upfront cost, but the services are worth it overall because they can be used to detect leaks quickly. If you consider how much money you will lose from water leaks, the price of leak detection services is minimal.

When technicians use technology to determine the location of leaks, the leaks will be discovered in less than a day’s time. Once the leaks are detected, pipes are either patched or replaced. Then, contaminants are kept out of the water supply, and precious resources are no longer being wasted. Your water bills will also be lower because you are no longer losing water due to leaks.

If you spot any water leaks, contact Leak1 today. Our technicians are highly trained in both commercial and residential leak detection, and we are confident in our ability to find and fix leaks quickly. We serve clients in the greater Miami area, and we look forward to serving you.

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